Sunday, May 17, 2009

Road Trip Info!

I was planning on doing this in facebook, but there's an odd bug roaming around and it ate all my notes and is preventing me from writing any more. So I decided to post all the info here, and post this on facebook! Ha!

Me, Michael, and Jordan are embarking on an insane round trip adventure to the west coast with a primary destination of San Francisco this Tuesday. That's TWO DAYS AWAY. The offical name for this road trip is:

The "Chris, MP, and Ted's Excellent Adventure May Never Have Another Epic Chance To Occur During The Timeframe Of Their Lives Due To Future Commitments, and When They Planned It Out On Mapquest it Ended Up Looking Like A Crocodile Head, Showless" Tour

Stops along the way include:

The Big Texan Steakhouse - Amarillo, TX
The Bonneville Salt Flats - Salt Lake City, UT
The Grand Canyon - Tusayan, AZ
The Hoover Dam - Boulder City, NV
Las Vegas, NV
Mount Rushmore - Keystone, SD

among many other things and also a slew of California coolness. Due to the epicness of this trip, we have decided to bring everyone with us! via the internets! Here are a few ways to follow us on our journey:

Twitter! We will be updating this most frequently, so if you want constant news, be sure to follow us if you have a twitter, or just check our profiles!


Facebook! Be sure to check our facebook for video and photo updates! (Chris Roman, Michael Plese, Jordan Blaskey)

Youtube! If we post any video updates on youtube, they will most likely be under my channel at

Flickr! Photos may also be uploaded to Flickr! Here's my photostream!

Well that's all for now. Like I said, be sure to follow twitter for continuous updates and also links to external sites if we post anything elsewhere. We leave Tuesday, May 19th and get back on the 29th!

Here's the map!

Coming Up Next

In my previous post, which I posted some 5 minutes ago...I mentioned that I am done at Columbia, which is true. I don't lie. Trust me. Maybe.

I thought I would kind of outline my plans for the next few semesters, so that you all know, and in case I forget I can use this post as a reference.

In June I am starting summer classes at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. However, I am doing this online from my room, in Illinois. Sad I know. I'm taking a figure drawing and an experimental animation class, which should be pretty cool. I should have some nice drawings and other weird things to post here. At the moment I'm not sure what I'm taking in the fall. I know I'm taking a computer animation studio class and two other figure drawing classes, and also a history of visual effects or something or other.

I'm taking all these classes online for now, and in the spring I will most likely continue. However, I'm going to try and reapply to Ringling College of Art and Design this fall to see if I would get into their animation program. I tried this in the winter, but missed the cutoff date.

So that's the plan right now. I hope AAU has better instructors and more interesting classes so I can build my portfolio and fill this site with useless, but cool, things!