Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Story.

I have recently began an exciting journey through the world of animation, and I thought I would take you all on the ride with me. I'm currently a sophomore at Columbia College in Chicago and I used to be a film major with a concentration in directing. Unfortunately that really didn't work out so well, as I found myself becomming very frustrated, annoyed, and unhappy with the direction I was going. I blame it on the pretentious Columbia film students. And the film cage. Man that place made you want to end your life. Or one of theirs. Anyways!

I did some soul searching you could say and through a break in the clouds my life's mission was revealed to me through a fantastic animated film by Pixar called WALL-E. I won't go into how amazing I thought this movie was or what specifically blew my mind, but I will summarize my feelings. I never really thought about the possibilities of animation as a film medium, but after I saw Wall-E it's like a blanket was lifted off my head and someone then slapped me saying "Look at this! You could do this!" And I replied back, "Hey, I could do that!" And you know what, I'm going to!". I still love film, but what I love most about it is story telling. I could always be a writer, but there's no color in writing, no shapes, no images! Of course you could argue that all these things are present in the words, which they are, but I need something more concrete! Pixar has really nailed storytelling through images. Every single film is a masterpiece and one day I hope to become a part of that team.

But first, I must learn. I literally JUST started my first semester of animation classes and thought that I'd start up a blog and post my work, and when I graduate I will hopefully have a really nice timeline that I can look back on!

So, won't you join me?

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