Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elephant Anatomy Study

Finished another animal study! Since this one came at the end of the semester I definitely didn't put as much effort into it as my previous dog study. The render is meh and I still want to work on it.


  1. elephants are the hardest thing to draw ever. EVER. That is all.

  2. Nice photo, do you have another photo please? Could you tell me which sources for elephant anatomy?

    Wait your reply to my email at: h_eldomany@yahoo.com

    Thanks so much

    Dr. Haitham

  3. Nice one. I would love to have this picture of yours, the one with skeleton and their naming. Copy-right will be mentioned :)
    All the best for your creativity.

  4. This is excellent! I'm glad to see this and am looking for more elephant musculature studies. I am wanting to make clay sculptures of elephants and need this type of study. Can you suggest any other sources? I appreciate any help you can offer.
    Are you selling prints of this study?

  5. i pls want you to make your elephant skeleton that if you zoom in you con see the lable pls for my school project